Interpreting in Minnesota Nursing Homes

Nursing homes have a duty to ensure clear and continual communications with all patients, and sometimes their family members and other care providers. This requirement can seem impossible to meet in the face of residents with limited or no English speaking abilities.

At Minnesota Translations, we provide quality, accurate interpreting in nursing homes across Minnesota. Our interpreters are highly trained, experienced native speakers that span across many languages, including Spanish, Hmong, French and Bulgarian.

Inadequate Interpreting Can Lead to Disastrous Consequences

We know that nursing homes often have limited budgets. This may cause you to consider working with untrained or cheap interpreters. Doing this, however, can lead to serious health consequences.

At Minnesota Translations, we provide skilled interpreters to nursing homes at highly competitive prices. Our lower interpreting costs allow us to serve more nursing homes in need.

Quality Nursing Home Interpreters Increase Quality of Life

Seniors who are able to effectively communicate their needs will enjoy a higher quality of life and superior health outcomes. The opposite is true for senior citizens who cannot communicate well or feel ignored – these nursing home residents fall ill more often and have higher mortality and morbidity rates.

Interpreting for Seniors in Nursing Homes, Clinics and Other Health Care Settings

In addition to nursing homes, we regularly interpret for seniors at a wide range of medical locations, including clinics, private doctors’ offices, urgent care, dental offices and emergency rooms. Our staff members have an understanding for medical terminology that often comes into play in these interpretation scenarios.

Turn to Us for Confidential, Caring Interpreting Services in Your Nursing Home

We take our responsibility to our senior citizen clients and nursing home clients very seriously. We respect patient confidentiality issues and are committed to preserving the safety and wellness for all seniors.

Please contact Minnesota Translations today so that we can help you with all of your nursing home interpretation needs. Please note that there is a two hour minimum on all onsite interpretation services.