Health Care Interpreters & Medical Interpreting Services

Your health couldn’t be any more important. Minnesota Translations is proud to offer detailed health care interpreting services to our clients in a variety of medical settings. If you or a loved one needs interpreting services when dealing with doctors, clinics or hospitals, then Minnesota Translations has exactly the kind of medical interpreting services you need.

What You Face Without a Skilled Interpreter in the Room

Non-English speakers who are seeking medical attention in a language that is not their native one will refrain from asking as many questions as they may have, and they may now know how to respond to the answers they receive. Additionally, it is possible that patients with limited English proficiency will also fail at properly explaining their ailments or conditions, leading to improper treatment or misdiagnosis. Our team of trained health care interpreters is here to make sure none of this happens.

We are available to work with patients, doctors, nurses, nursing homes and other health care providers in a wide range of languages and a variety of settings, including:

  • Doctor visits
  • Dentist appointments
  • Physical therapy visits
  • Psychologist appointments
  • Emergency room visits

Improve Your Institution’s Level of Medical Care

Optimal communication between patients and medical providers is essential. Our interpreters have specific experience with health care concepts and terminology. The end result is a boost in patient-staff relations and fair and equal access for a wide variety of patients.

There is no room for error when it comes to conveying critical medical information. The safest course of action is to opt for a skilled and experienced interpreter when the need arises. Our years of interpreting experience mean that we can convey the most accurate medical information possible.

We Emphasize Accuracy and Confidentiality in All Medical Interpreting Services

When we promise accuracy, we are not just talking about technicalities. We are also talking about ensuring that the words we say to your patient or to your doctor convey the meaning and tone required to get the full message across.

When we promise confidentiality, we mean this to the utmost extent. We respect the doctor-patient relationship when we’re in the room, and we ensure that any medical document translation services we provide go no further than the parties involved. It is for this reason we offer encryption services and other secure messaging processes for our medical clientele.

Contact Us Today for Dedicated Medical Interpreting Services in Minnesota

Contact Minnesota Translations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area today so that we can help your health care institution get the kind of detailed medical interpreting services you need. We are happy to provide a free price quote for our services.