Health Care & Medical Translation Services

The translation of medical records requires specialty knowledge, the utmost in accuracy, and a respect for the confidential nature of the medical field. The experienced, proven and capable translators at Minnesota Translations understand this. As a result, our medical translation services team has an impressive accuracy record assisting clients working in the health care, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

There Is No Place for Mistakes in Medical Records

The fact is that not all translators can handle the rigorous demands that come along with medical translation. Minnesota Translations has the experience necessary to provide you with accurate and reliable medical translations each and every single time. We provide a wide range of translation services that includes everything from of insurance claims, medical charts, prescriptions and patient information forms to medical equipment, device documentation and training manuals.

Why are our medical records translators better than the rest? Our translators know that accuracy is everything. And one of the key reasons that our translators excel at what they do is that they understand medical terminology. Hiring medical record translators that are not versed in medical terminology is risky business.

Superior Medical Translations

Through Minnesota Translation, it is possible to work with our highly trained translators who have backgrounds in the medical industry. The end result is what can safely be called “superior medical translation.” When it comes time to have patient records translated, the only real choice is to opt for a translation service that understands medical terminology and has a proven track record of consistent success.

Contact Minnesota Translations for the Accurate, Detailed Translations You Require

Contact our translating team today so that we can outline for you all the different medical translation services we have available for clients in St. Paul, Minneapolis and the rest of Minnesota. No matter what kind of medical records you have and what languages you need them translated into, we can help!