Translate Your Video Games for Broader Reach

A poor video game translation serves to take the gamer out of the experience. We understand this key fact. We also understand that using an automated service to translate your video game will result in a game full of inaccuracies with text that is far from the intended meaning. This is why we at Minnesota Translations use native speakers to ensure our translations are representative of the full story your game is telling.

Great Translation Can Make All the Difference

It is also tremendously important to have accurate translations when it comes to each and every word of your video game script, instructions and more. An inadequate translation can take an otherwise great game and tarnish that experience for the gamer. In turn, this can lead to lower repeat sales, fewer in-game purchases, less positive buzz on social media and more.

Full-Service Translations for Your Video Game

When we handle the translation of video games, we translate everything from the dialogue and interface to the manuals and instructions. Minnesota Translations also handles the translation for computer games and iPhone apps for companies right here in the Twin Cities.

Video Game Localization Services

Many countries develop video games for English-speaking audiences and require video game localization services to properly distribute and market these games. As many games are developed in Japan, Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese translation is a very common request. But, of course, games are developed in a variety of other countries, including Germany and India. Luckily, we employ native speakers from more than 50 languages, so you can trust that we will be able to handle whichever language you require.

Why Choose Minnesota Translations?

Consider us your translation partner that understands that your translations are not just a formality, but are instead critical to the global success of your game and your bottom line. Video games are a billion-dollar business that is growing rapidly. Let us translate your video game so that players around the world associate your brand with quality.

Contact our Minneapolis-St. Paul offices today for more information about our video game translation services. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and offer a free price quote.