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Minnesota Translations has been providing accurate academic translations of the utmost in quality since 2001. We understand the highly personal nature of these documents, as well, and offer confidential services to build trust. So when you need to translate your diploma or transcript, look no further than our trained native speaker translators.

Offering Certified and Notarized Diploma Translations

If you received your diploma or other academic certification outside of the United States, you may find that you need to translate your diploma to apply for a job, pass through immigration, or get into another educational institution. That’s where Minnesota Translations steps in.

We provide you with quick, accurate diploma translations. And, as this is a highly important personal document, we ensure that all of our diploma translations are certified and notarized, which means they are accepted by the Immigration Authorities USCIS (INS), Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (MN DMV) and other agencies across Minnesota and the United States

Accurately Translating Your Academic Transcript or Record

You may find that immigration officials or potential employers would like to see copies of your academic records just as much as they would your diploma. Our translators understand the technical nature of academic records such as these and will work to ensure complete accuracy of these records. As with diplomas, all of our academic translations are certified and notarized.

Original Documents Not Needed!

We do not require that you send us original copies of your diploma or transcript for us to translate them for you. Indeed, we accept copies of these documents via mail or email. To us, what is most important is that this process is easy for you and helps you achieve your goals.

Contact Minnesota Translations to Quickly Translate Your Diploma

We know that surprise requests for translated diplomas and other academic records arise. We are here to quickly turn around your project for you so you can keep things moving forward. And we guarantee that we never sacrifice quality for speed.

Learn more about our academic translation services by contacting our Minnesota offices today. We will explain our process to you and provide you for a quote for service.


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