Brief: Report: AWS Building Language Translation Service, Catching Up with Top Competitors

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) built language translation capabilities internally that it may soon make available to external users, according to a CNBC report.
  • Amazon acquired a translation start-up called Safaba almost two years ago. Now CNBC sources say AWS could announce its new language translation service before the company’s next user conference in November.
  • Using the language service, AWS would allow developers to create websites and apps in multiple languages, according to the report.

AWS’ move likely has a lot to do with keeping up with its competitors. Both Google and Microsoft already sell translation services. Such services have also been getting much better thanks to the application of deep learning.

Google recently announced it was adding it’s deep learning-based translation services to its service for developers. And earlier this month, Apple announced that Siri will soon be getting several new artificial intelligence-based enhancements, including the ability to conduct language translations. The translation feature will support English translations to Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Tech companies are all focused on providing tools to developers these days. The more tools developers have, the more likely they are to build apps on a platform. And all the tech companies want more apps to attract more users. By rolling out a translation option, Amazon would make it far easier for developers to create products in multiple languages, tapping into a global user base.